Trivision NC-335PW 3 Megapixel HD 1080P Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, PC and Mac

Trivision NC-335PW 3 Megapixel HD 1080P Waterproof Wireless Outside Property Security Camera System for iPhone, iPad, Android Intelligent Mobile phone, Pc and Mac

  • Swift Setup and Intuitive Operation: The HD 1080P WiFi camera is up and running in a matter of minutes on any iPhone, iPad, Android, Computer, Mac device. Basically download the free Anyscene app or set up Camera Dwell program on Computer/Mac from the CD in the package deal and follow the straightforward, stage-by-phase approach to launch your remote viewing from anywhere, anytime
  • True Day & Night and Ultra-Broad Angle: The HD 1080p camera characteristics an innovative IR Cut Filter for exact, vibrant colours and a Night Vision mode to capture clear, illuminated footage up to 30 feet, Ultra-Broad 90 degree viewing angle lets you dive into the entire room scene – expanding your recording coverage with out compromising quality
  • Micro SD card, FTP, NAS, NVR storage: The HD camera provides a neighborhood storage resolution, recording video right onto a microSD memory card with up to 128GB capability (offered seperately), Set your camera for steady recording or, to lessen viewing time and storage area, for recording only when movement events are detected, the saved video can be remotely viewed from any pc or Android or iOS gadget, Or record and store to NAS & NVR drives, like Synology, ASUSTOR and QNAP
  • Electronic mail, Mobile Notification and remote playback With the HD camera, you always know what is going on, even if you’re behind closed doors or out of town. You can set your camera for instantaneous e mail alerts and push notifications to your smart gadget every time important movement is detected – and check the occasion in real time even though it is automatically recorded onto a microSDHC/XC class ten memory card. Bringing your security to the forefront, the camera empowers you to respond quickly to sudden events and review stored recordings
  • With higher good quality rust-evidence metal casing, H.264 / MPEG4 @1920 x 1080 (1080p HD) higher definition, POE Wired, extended assortment Wireless 802.11, IP-66 rated weatherproof, just three screws to attach camera mount to wall or eave, this is a actually all-in-1 outside HD IP surveillance safety camera

With a high top quality rust proof metal casing, IP66 rating waterproof,Wireless N, infra-red night vision, created-in DVR, motion sensor, e-mail alerts and far more, this is a genuinely all-in-one particular 1080p HD Outdoor wireless safety camera.

Begin viewing in seconds employing any iPhone, iPad or Android gadget with our Cost-free app, from anyplace in the world

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1. Download the app Anyscene by way of iPhone App Store or Google Perform

2. Click to add a camera, Enter UXM5T152

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Trivision NC-335PW 3 Megapixel HD 1080P Waterproof Wireless Outside House Security Camera System for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, Pc and Mac

3 Responses to Trivision NC-335PW 3 Megapixel HD 1080P Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, PC and Mac

  1. Swergar Tsang says:
    39 of 40 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Both 4mm and 6mm version are extremely good., July 12, 2015

    This is my 2nd TriVision NC-335PW Camera, and this model is 6mm focus length version, the last cam I buy is 4mm. The difference is the distance and angle.

    4mm: wilder angle, shorter distance
    6mm: narrower angle, longer distance

    see the picture to show the difference

    Both are good camera.

    I had been searching around for a long long time to get an outdoor camera that met my criteria in reasonable price. Let’s see what’s rated for this camera:

    1. Well build and tough
    => 5* body build with metal, and inside looks clean and firm

    2. support SD card for offline recording when my wifi is down
    => 4.5* support my 32gb MicroSD card, but not standard SD card, which is less optimal, as SD card is cheaper and faster.

    3. have different power options
    => 5* It supports POE, AC/DC power adapter (provided)

    4. have different network setup options
    => 4.5* It supports wifi b/g/n, DHCP, manual setup. but not 802.11ac, but acceptable.

    5. support writing files to NAS directly
    => 4* working well, but only 1 sub-folder, and very slow for doing any file deletions/browsing operations. I will just use my PC to browse the NAS share instead of the camera interface.

    6. support writing files to FTP remotely
    => 3* Only works when you inserted a SD card, and the upload is delayed for more than 15min from my testing.

    7. support android app “IP Cam Viewer v5.8.3 or up”
    => 5* working great, this is important to me, because I have many different brands of cameras, and I need to view them all at once.

    8. Good night vision, must have IR cut filter
    => 5* very good image quality and distance

    9. Motion detection and alarm
    => 4.5* not too sensitive, but i don’t think there is a better solution in markets.

    10. scheduling of alarm
    => 5* work as expected

    11. define the window size and sensitivities of motion detection
    => 5* it’s important to me, as I don’t want the movement of my tree trigger the alert all the time. and it can define multiple windows

    12. password protected for all access
    => 4* good, but no https

    13. no unknown outgoing connections for whatever reasons
    => this is very important, most china made cam had unknown outgoing connections which I am very concern, but this cam does not have the problem.

    So, overall, I give it 5* for the excellent camera. even full price, I will purchase it again when I need one.
    This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

    14. Long range and stable wifi connection
    => 5* I tried most other wifi camera, most of them are having issue when connecting to a far away wifi router, and usually need a repeater, that’s why some dlink models provide repeater functions. But, this camera provides excellent long distance wifi connection, good speed, and keep the connection stable.

    15. reconnect after router reboot
    => 5* again, most other camera need a restart after I reboot my router. I was originally think this one is the same. but not. It reconnects in 1-2 min. this is a excellent feature.

    16. configuration when you have two cameras
    => 3.5* if you own two of these camera, you should turn off UPNP, and map in your route by yourself, otherwise they will conflict each other, and make them very slow.

    Overall, once everything setup, it’s excellent!


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  2. Love to Shop says:
    67 of 75 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Marvelous Motion Sensing HD Security Cam With IR!!, July 4, 2015
    Love to Shop
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Trivision NC-335PW 3 Megapixel HD 1080P Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, PC and Mac (Electronics)
    We purchased this HD motion detecting security light to help us with a critter issue. Every single night, without fail, something is climbing onto our front porch and ripping our trash to shreds. We’ve tried steel garbage cans, motion lights, etc., all to no avail. Finally, with the help of this security cam, we caught the masked culprits–not one but FOUR very large, very fat raccoons.

    The cam itself was perfect for us. Whilst I consider myself semi-tech savvy, I read a review that frankly scared me a bit! I was wary of having to configure tons of settings. I can’t begin to tell you, however, how EASY this was to set up. We downloaded the app AnyScene, hard wired the cam to our router and turned on the iPad. From there, the iPad auto-detected the cam, we were able to connect it to our wireless network and like magic the captured image appeared on the screen. We disconnected the hard wiring and placed it outside. I was then able to easily set up the app to alert me when there was any motion detected.

    I have to say, I was shocked at the clarity! The color was perfect and crystal clear. I love that everything auto-configd, including the IR function. As soon as it was dark, the cam switched to IR. The clarity remained terrific, though as expected, not as good as daylight. The alarm was periodically set off by moths and such, but it wasn’t very often. I am able to record or shoot stills on demand, and those files are easily accessible through the AnyScene app. ADDED: It has stormed and rained here for days, and this fab cam continues to perform. I wish I could give more stars!

    I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase and HIGHLY recommend this cam.

    Note: I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review.


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  3. Technologist says:
    38 of 41 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    It’s not just a Security Camera but a self contained 1080P wireless DVR system, July 12, 2015
    Technologist (California) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Trivision NC-335PW 3 Megapixel HD 1080P Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, PC and Mac (Electronics)
    I’m so impressed with this item. So many other 1080P systems (most) are just upscaled 720p or worse but the resolution on this is impressive. I’ve owned at least 40 Security Camera’s over the years and this is by far the best featured system I’ve come across. Even my $2,000+ Revo 1080P 16 Channel DVR does not compete with it. In just about every respect, I’m shocked at how good the feature set and how clean the image is. The PoE connection allows it to tap into my other systems without any rewiring.

    ✔ PROS:

    Some of the things I liked about this the TriVision NC-335PW:

    • The system was running off Wifi and recording within 3 minutes of taking it out of the box. Note: You could spend hours with all the extra features available.
    • The Microphones sound pickup is amazingly good and can amplify even a whisper.
    • It works on my IPhone, android tablets and Macbook just by downloading an app.
    • The app in not even needed on a PC or Mac as you can bypass the App and setup the system with just the IP address in your browser.
    • The1080P HD Quality is top notch with excellent resolution and very high detail.
    • Color balance and saturation were spot on out of the box.
    • Blooming was none existent even when aimed at Six 55 watt Florescent bulbs
    • The wide angle lens covers a full 90 degrees without pincushioning or vignetting.
    • Night vision is excellent and the IR LED’s are at the right wavelength to be covert compared to other camera’s more visible IR LED’s
    • Motion recording works flawlessly out of the box. I didn’t even need to tweek the zones.
    • The Wi-Fi Feature is the best feature for me. It allows placement almost anywhere. I even set mine up in a vehicle aiming at my house. Just used a solar cell to keep the battery peaked.
    • It’s weather-proof housing is designed well with it’s rust-proof metal casing.
    • I have a 64gb Micro SD card in it and will probably upgrade to 128 GB down the road

    ✔ CONS: None yet. I’ll add to this review after spending more time with the system

    • When playing back recorded video I noticed the audio portion sounds somewhat garbled.
    • You can set the POST recording length on alarms triggers but I don’t see any setting on PRE RECORD TIME. This would be a nice feature as playing back the 30 seconds BEFORE the alarm is trigged greatly enhances catching activities going on. Without it you’ll see the subject cross half way passed the camera’s field of view before recording even starts.

    Note: I had two questions for Trivision’s technical support and they were answered in an hour.


    Overall I was also very impressed with the image quality of the camera straight out of the box. I did receive a discount for a review but I’m planing on buying more at full price. The Alert system can give instant messages whenever someone steps on my property. When I’m traveling I can use my IPhone to watch my home including the audio. The mic volume is adjustable and you can boost the pickup to hear even whispers. If someone were to steal the camera they were already filmed and the Camera has already sent the images and footage to my FTP server located on the internet so they can’t steal the evidence.

    All in all this is well worth the price and it makes my other name brand $2000 1080P setup look horrible. The feature set is 100% complete for my needs and it has all the extra features I might need down the road. I’m VERY Satisfied with this purchase and looking forward to ordering more.


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