PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security Alarm System Quad-band Support 2G/3G/4G network

PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security Alarm System Quad-band Help 2G/3G/4G network

  • Dual network(GSM, Landline/VoIP) for double safety of your house or house at the very same time. Auto-Dial-out and / or send SMS to alert you of emergency in case of burglary, fire, flood, and SOS equivalent to other monitoring services suppliers but you do it by yourself and do not require to shell out any month to month monitoring fees. if you want to save your house insurance coverage, support any Ademco monitoring services.
  • Chime function to notify you of guests coming into or kid opening door/window.
  • Microprocessor-controlled pet-immune sensors for detecting motion of objects over 50 lbs with pre-examination prior to alerting to minimize false alarms. Identify each sensor with up to 28 characters to support determine them very easily for later on editing with car-search feature.
  • Loud wireless indoor siren alerts neighbors to deters likely intruders.Volume adjustable perform with mute to hide the console so an intruder are not able to locate it and smash it. Wireless indoor siren will preserve you informed of standing of the method with colored LED light.
  • Power Outage Warning, technique will use backup battery to call you in situation of power outage. Everyday Arm/Disarm Routine allows you set a schedule program for car-arm and auto-disarm.

PiSECTOR GS08-M series program is 3G/4G cellular device to offer you far better signal reception, landline priority dial out to conserve your money, assistance most major GSM signal supplier on the globe, If you wish to be alerted through landline only, then no need to have for a SIM card at all.
# 50 wireless zones which can named every sensor with up to 28 characters to support recognize them simply for later editing with car-search feature or alarming .
# Up to 2 wired sensors you can be used for your existin

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PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Safety Alarm Technique Quad-band Help 2G/3G/4G network

3 Responses to PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security Alarm System Quad-band Support 2G/3G/4G network

  1. Bill Howard says:
    408 of 461 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    which otherwise will make a lot of annoying noise, like keep speaking on the console, January 24, 2015

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security Alarm System Quad-band Support 2G/3G/4G network (Electronics)

    I compared the three systems SimplySafe, Fortress and Pisector

    I want to purchase a system. I compared the three systems after days of research and wrote my review for SimplySafe, PiSector and Fortress.

    * SimplySafe: My friend has this system. The main disadvantages are that the kit contains 4 sensors, and if I need more sensors to secure my window, I would have to spend a lot of money to purchase extra sensors. SimplySafe is designed as a monitored system, which otherwise will make a lot of annoying noise, like keep speaking on the console. The main disadvantage here is that the system only texts and calls the monitoring station and only dials one number (the company) that costs $15/month. If you don’t want to pay the $15 monitoring fee every month, you will not get any text messages or phone calls.

    * Fortress GSM-B is an old system device which was released on 2012. Based on the 2G signal, it supports 3/4G SIM card but not the 3/4G signal. Once T-Mobile or AT&T shut down the 2G signal, the GSM function will stop working, and now most areas in the country have already phased out 2G. So I can only get the landline function working and lose the GSM function.

    * PiSector: GS08-M is the newest system, released in July 2014. There are many new features which use the latest technology. It supports all 2/3/4G cellular signals. There is no need to worry about 2G being phasing out in the near future. It’s only $30 more than the Fortress GSM-B, and I get a promise for 3/4G signal and the newest technology. The only thing I worried about was the reviews. It occurred to me that Pisector has been encouraging buyers to write a 5-star-review for a free gift. I believe this is a promotional method, a business way that encourages buyers to spend time issuing good reviews. I believe if a buyer like me who is not happy with a system, I would not issue a good review even they PAY CASH to me.

    * It comes pre-programmed in the box, which makes it look like a high quality product. It also has a lot of space base for easy installation (need to apply super glue on the frame before sticking the double stickers, otherwise they would not be strong enough to hold the sensor)

    · Pisector sensors are very cute and nicely designed. There are no visible antennas like Fortess sensors, and their size is much smaller than that of SimplySafe. Pisector window sensors use 3V CR2450 and Motion sensor use 3V CR123A. Replace the battery every 1-2 years. Fortress window sensors use 12V 23A battery, and its motion sensors use 9V squad battery which all run out very quickly, and battery replacement is needed every few months of time.

    · I bought a regular sized SIM card from AlarmSIM.com. No annual fees, no monthly chargers. I pay only when the system makes a call or texts me. It works as advertised.

    · GS08-M includes two wireless sirens. The indoor wireless siren is much better than Fortress wired siren. Fortress uses a wired siren with a wire that is only about 2-3 feet long. It will expose the location of the main console once the alarm goes off. Pisector use wireless sirens, with no wire between the siren and the console. I can place the siren in different rooms. All wireless sirens operate independently from the main panel, which means if an intruder finds and smashes the main panel, the wireless sirens would still blast for three minutes. I can disable the wireless sirens any time by simply press the Disarm key on the remote keychain or the main console.

    · GS08-M door/window sensors include a Chime function which reminds me if any door or window is open when I’m out of home. I programed my door sensor and enabled the Chime zone. When I open my door, the main console plays a bell-music. If I forgot to close my window when I go out, the system reminds and shows me an open icon on LCD screen. I can then press Search key on main console to find which window is not closed with the names I gave. This function is not available in Fortress GSM-B system. SimplySafe system however, does have the Chime feature like that of Pisector.

    · GS08-M sensors remind me to replace battery and the system would text me which sensor battery needs replacement. This function is not available in the Fortress GSM-B system.

    · GS08-M includes 50 zones, and I can rename and program each zone individually for delay /Home/ Chime. Fortress GSM-B has only 10 zones and does not allow renaming of the zone, so if I group a few sensors in one zone, it would be really difficult to identify which sensor is triggered when I get alarm calls. SimplySafe, like Pisector, also does allow renaming of the zones.

    · GS08-M includes internal backup battery, so if my house is power, or someone cuts down my electricity, the system would keep working for up to 10 hours. I still get alerts via cell phone through text messages.

    · My house is a…

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  2. Richard Dunn says:
    41 of 45 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Potentially a good console but reliability long term is iffy, September 17, 2014
    Richard Dunn

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security Alarm System Quad-band Support 2G/3G/4G network (Electronics)

    Nothing is 100% reliable, there are issues with using wireless sensors BUT… this will help deter the meth-head looking for a quick buck. I bought this based on the features offered which seemed to be more than other similarly $ units. I like the customisation of sensor names. I also like the fact this is supposedly upgradable to a monitoring service with ADEMCO compatibility. I like the display readout is more detailed than other units.

    So far I’ve had not too much problems with false alarms and I think the ones I have had are more to do with PIR sensor limitations inherent to the tech and not PiSector itself. My system came pre-programmed but I did customise the sensor names. One PIR was defective out of the box, continuously self-triggers. PiSector was quick to send me a new one upon my description of the problem. I can’t say for phone, but email support has been prompt. The other sensors worked well & I had no battery issues. Some have criticized the battery choices but the internet provided me with plenty of inexpensive spares, I don’t see that as an issue. Yes yes people have said the foam tape that comes with it is crap, and it is. Buy better tape. I went to Lowe’s and bought a $20 roll of 3M indoor/outdoor extreme mounting tape. Problem solved. Also on a website I read a handy tip: use silicone caulk to form a seal after mounting the sensor, supposed to keep mounting tape from drying out over time. However yes, the tape that comes with it is crap.

    Have not tried the land line jack, bought it with the intent to go with a SIM card from the outset but I like the choice being there. Bought an AlarmSIM card on the T-Mobile network and it has performed adequately with any critisisms in that regard having to do with AlarmSIM and not PiSector. The alarm will as advertised text and call assigned numbers and I like that you can set the text name for the sensor being triggered ie-Living Room WIndow, Back Door, etc., as well as record the name for playback when the alarm system calls. It will call first, then after the call is complete will send the SMS messages out.

    No PIR is completely pet-immune but keeping in mind how cats behave so far the pet-immunity has been quite adequate. Just read up on where to properly place PIR motion detectors.

    Critisisms: Few. So far I have had problems getting it to notify on power outage, I thought that was a feature. I may be doing something wrong there. There are some features I would change a little but I would have found similar complaints about any alarm system in this price range so that’s not an issue, again compared to similar I found this one fairly feature-rich. I would like to see battery-powered indoor sirens but the outdoor can be easily hacked to use battery. Don’t see much point in the alarm having battery backup but not the thing you rely on to wake you out of bed at 2am. This model is a bit leaner on available sensors than previous units- I’ve been told more are in the works, esp glass breakage. Cost of sensors is an issue the GS-08/-07/-03 are rather more expensive to add onto than the other models, it seems, which makes expanding a problem but that’s my fault for not catching that in my research. Besides I would likely have gone with this one anyway for the ADEMCO capability. My biggest critisism has already been mentioned by another and that is the paper enclosed offering a free sensor for a five-star review. I was, of course, immediately drawn to this brand by the rating but when I read that, coupled with people detailing problems yet giving it five stars anyway, was nearly a deal-breaker for me. Personally I think that policy is self-defeating.

    Several Months down the road: I think the internal battery may be giving out, I had to remove and reprogram my SIM and the unit started acting squirrelly on me until I plugged the mains supply back in. The display was a little messed up and the keypad did not respond. May just be a bad connection or need a new battery. Until then, it had performed flawlessly. So far none of the sensor batteries have given out. It’s been six months since installing it, roughly. I did have an issue with the SIM needing a network reset, somehow it got stuck on roaming and would call/text out, but not accept calls or texts. The SIM company (Alarmsim) blamed it on the alarm’s firmware. Putting the SIM in an unlocked GSM phone reset it.

    Much Later- I am looking into replacement consoles. I’m not completely happy with this console, theoretically it’s a good console- the monitoring center compatibility is a real plus, and when it works it works well. However I have issues where the sim card must be reset on an unlocked gsm phone. In the long term, I’m not very satisfied, and since it’s past the warranty period, I would be reluctant to get another one. The console is just a bit too dodgy for me to justify throwing more money at the same brand…

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  3. ShelbyRose says:
    25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Reliable, Durable, and easy to use! I’m impressed., June 7, 2014

    This review is from: PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security Alarm System Quad-band Support 2G/3G/4G network (Electronics)
    So, when I went ahead and bought this from Pisector, I was only going off other reviews I’d read- it was a risk.
    It ended up showing up a day early and in perfect condition. It’s was pre-programmed and all I had to do was edit and record my voice on each sensor to identify me. Very cool technology here people! I definitely reccomend trying this out. With each each sector able to be programmed itself, you are able to set it to delay, chime, home, pass by, or instant. in case of a breach.
    I’m certain you won’t be able to find another device as easy or simple for this price anywhere!


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